Ship Carving & Marking Note

Ship's Carving & Marking Notes provide statutory information required for common law jurisdictions throughout the world. The choice of Stainless Steel or Brass and the size will depend upon your boat. Most people mount them on the bulkhead on the bridge. We can incorporate a logo on a plate if required - costs will be advised after. The information is engraved into the plate which is 1.5mm thick and will last a lifetime of the boat.

They are available in three materials:
Stainless Steel
There is a price difference between the metals and the plastic plates

They are available in two sizes:
150mm X 100mm €120.00 each Metal (€40.00 each Plastic)
200mm X 175 mm €195.00 each Metal (€50.00 each Plastic)
Prices excluding VAT @ 23%, Subject to EU VAT rules

Shipping €15.00 Standard

Courier/Overnight on request subject to extra cost.

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