About Ships Carving & Marking Notes

Established in 1993, Alpha is the largest nameplate manufacturer in Ireland. They are members of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce. Whether you require an etched brass or stainless steel plate or even a case bronze plate, we would be happy to help you.

Manufacturers of Carving & Marking notes in Brass and Stainless Steel. These nameplates can be shipped anywhere in the world. The following countries are users of Carving & Marking Notes.  Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Malta, Mauritius, India, Bermuda, Cyprus, Singapore, Isle of Man, Portugal, Bahamas, St Vincent, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Jersey, Micronesia and Sumatra. 

Check with your countries ship register as to what is required on the plate. Our online order is valid for most common law jurisdictions.

Owen Kennedy