Instructions For Carving & Marking

A pleasure vessel which is under 24 metres in length has to be marked as follows:

a) the official number and registered tonnage are:

i) to be marked on the main beam or, if there is no main beam, on a readily accessible visible permanent part of the structure of the pleasure vessel, either by cutting in , centre punching or rasied lettering, or
ii) to be engraved on plates of metal, wood or plastic, secured to the main beam or, if there is no main beam, to a readily accessible visible part of the structure of rivets, through bolts with the ends clenched, or screws with the slots removed;

b) the name and port of choice (unless an exempted ship), are to be permanently marked on a conspicious and permanent part of the stern on a dark ground in white or yellow letters, or on a light ground in black letters, the letters bein gnot less than 5 centimetres high and of proportionate breadth, or, where thihs is not possible by the alternatove methods given below:

i) by engraving on plates of metal or of plastic or by cutting in n a shaped wooden chock. Where a shaped wooden chock is used it should be secured to the hull through bolts, the ends being clenched, or
ii) by individual glass reinforced plastic letters and numbers approximately 2mm in thickness. These to e fixed to the hull with epoxy adhesive, and painted with suitable paint and coated with translucent epoxy resin;
iii) where metal or plastic plates have been used these must be fixed by the use of epoxy adhesived. Metal or plastic plates secured by adhesive should be coated with translucent epoxy resin after they have been fixed in a position.

The official number and its appropriate net tonnage are to be marked as follows:

O.N.176807 N.T.3.43


Pleasure vessels owned by members of exempted yacht clubs are not required to have their ports of choice marked on their sterns.

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